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13th February 2017: Our day at the Museum of London.  Click here to read the post.

Family Friday’s!

3rd May 2019

For this week’s Family Friday, we decided to travel to the wildlife sanctuary in Ras Al Khor, in an attempt to see the vast flock of flamingos that gather there. My daughter has an interest in birds and as we are on a budget this month, thought this would be a nice free thing to do.

When we arrived at the ‘sanctuary’ we were somewhat disappointed! It was more like a hut with viewing windows but there was nothing to see! As pretty as the actual area was, it seemed that the birds were on vacation! Despite our disappointment, we decided to make an evening of it and ventured to Dubai Mall to witness the beautiful fountain show and observe the aquarium display.

Disclaimer: Well done to Dubai Mall for providing baby changing facilities in the men’s toilet too!

Here are a few pictures from the wildlife sanctuary:

If you do fancy visiting here, I would say you only need about 20 minutes maximum!